Soil, often perceived as dirt to many, is a major component of the Earth’s ecosystem. Unfortunately, this highly valuable resource is facing increasing pressure to satisfy our growing population’s need for food, space, urbanisation, and many more. As a result, we are losing healthy soils faster than what nature could recreate. 

Fertile is an interactive wall that targets children between the ages 6 - 9 years old. The goals of the project is to educate participants about soil and to bring a sense of appreciation to this resource.

It is an extremely tactile piece which allows children to move different components around and evoke their different senses like sight, smell, and hearing. Fertile consists of 3 different panel, each panel touching on different properties about soil.

The panels are also highly illustrated to tap on the imagination of the children.
Motion graphic videos are also planned to be projected onto the walls. These videos are to showcase the life within soil, illustrating the different microganisms in a more fun manner.
These illustrations are referred to real images of these microscopic beings.